Request for Proposals

This is the section where we will post any additional information and post Q/A from potential applicants. Please check this site often as we may be adding information up to the RFP due date.

Service Definitions

Assessment (SU)

Community Support (MH)

Intensive Outpatient (SU-IOP)

Medication Management (MH)

Outpatient Therapy Individual (MH)

Outpatient Therapy Group (MH)

Outpatient Therapy Family (MH)

Guidelines and Attachments for the RFP

RFP Guidelines Document

BH5-Goals Objectives for Development Plan

BH-20 Provider Budget Summary c-g

Region 6 Minimum Standards Document

Questions and Answers

Question 1: Please provide clarification and expectations regarding the following statement:

Must hold national accreditation in the provision of behavioral health services or in the process of applying for national accreditation.

What does the highlighted area mean in terms of “in the process” and can funds in this proposal be used to further develop an organization toward accreditation?

Answer 1: “In the process of seeking national accreditation” means if an agency does not currently have accreditation for the services in this RFP, we can still award funds and contract with them. The agency, however, must have a written plan of how they will obtain national accreditation within 2 years of signature on their original contract with us.  Funds from this award are for service dollars only and are not available to be applied toward obtaining accreditation.


Question 2: Can we RFP only the services we want or do we have to take them all?

Answer 2: With this RFP, you can apply for only the services you are interested in.  You do not have to apply for all of them.


Question 3: I don’t see anywhere in the guidelines when the Letter of Intent is due.  Is one required?

Answer 3: No, there is no Letter of Intent required for this round of services.


Question 4: For Outpatient therapy it states “Current funds available up to $60,000/year.  Remaining expenses will be expected to come from other funding sources.”  Does this mean that we would be responsible for continuing services beyond the point that the $60,000 was utilized?

Answer 4: What that statement means is that if there are other expenses, particularly around any start-up expenses, those would be the responsibility of the agency.  We do not have any additional funds to provide for start-up expenses.

However, your point is also correct.  At this time, we have $60,000/year allocated for a new provider.  We would expect that a provider would either budget those funds to last the whole year or be willing to continue the service without reimbursement from Region 6.


Request for Letters

Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare is seeking qualified, eligible coalitions for the provision of primary prevention services for alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy, and Washington Counties. Submission details can be found in the attached document.  For questions please contact: Crystal Fuller

RFL Submission Guidelines Document