Letters of Interest

This is the section where we will post any additional information and post Q/A from potential applicants.  Please check this site often as we may be adding information up to the LOI due date.

Therapeutic Community Service Definition

Therapeutic Community


Guidelines and Attachments for LOI

Therapeutic Community LOI Guidelines 2016


Region 6 Minimum Standards Document


 Campus for Hope Information

Campus for Hope Intermediate Residential Space

Campus for Hope Map


Questions and Answers

Question 1: The LOI document says that exclusionary criteria is LOI documents exceeding 5 pages.  It doesn’t clarify that the LOI 5 page limit only applies to the narrative and program content.  Does this Limit include budget information?  It seems it wouldn’t as the BH20 c-g already exceed the 5 pages, but we wanted to be clear.

Answer 1: The 5 page limit is just for the narrative portion and does not include the budget forms.

Question 2:In the therapeutic public community letter of intent, are we required to utilize the Catholic Charities space?

Answer 2: There is no expectation to utilize the Catholic Charities space.  The information was made available, if an agency was interested.