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Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare has the regulatory responsibility for organizing and supervising the local response for the Behavioral Health Nebraska All-Hazards Disaster Response Recovery Plan. The Nebraska All-Hazards Plan addresses the behavioral health needs of people after disaster through mobilization of natural and professional resources in the response and recovery phases of disaster.
Disaster behavioral health interventions are designed to address incident specific stress reactions, rather than ongoing or developmental behavioral health needs. Outreach and crisis counseling activities are the core of disaster behavioral health activities. Natural helpers are tapped as part of the behavioral health workforce to augment and extend the professional response to disaster through provision of social support and compassion.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact:

Brett Matthies
Manager of Emergency Services
(402) 444-7719

Miles Glasgow
Senior Manager of System Coordination
(402) 591-5008


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Nebraska Disaster Behavioral Health