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The current Emergency Behavioral Health Services are managed by Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare and consist of six components.

Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Short-term Inpatient Psychiatric Services are provided by Douglas County Community Mental Health Center and Alegent Health (Immanuel Medical Center and The Lasting Hope Recovery Center). This hospitalization is for evaluation, stabilization and serves as a safe environment.

Mental Health Respite

The mental health respite program operated by The Salvation Army is a 16 bed program intended to serve persons who are in a psychiatric crisis, do not require hospitalization, yet need supervised residential support for a period of 7 to 28 days. The services provided while at the respite program are case management, referrals to community agencies, individual and group activities, and social and recreational activities.

Emergency Community Support

Emergency Community Support is provided by the Salvation Army. It provides short-term case management and support.

Detoxification Services

Detoxification Services are provided by Campus for Hope, which is operated by Catholic Charities. Currently this facility has 2 beds for emergency protective custody (mentally ill dangerous) and 10 beds for civil protective custody (public intoxication). The length of stay is determined by the client’s Blood Alcohol Level, but no longer than 24 hours. Clients have a mental health evaluation (at Campus for Hope) once they are sober, but within 24 hours. The program also has a social setting detoxification service, which can serve 22 individuals. This program provides a safe environment for those who are in need of non-medical detoxification.

Urgent Care Outpatient

Urgent Care Outpatient service is offered through Lutheran Family Services. This service offers a timely and responsive mental health assessment and intervention to non-insured adults in crisis. Urgent Care services are offered in each of the five counties and are available 24 hours per day.

Mobile Crisis Response Teams

Mobile Crisis Response is provided by Heartland Family Service in Sarpy and Cass Counties and Lutheran Family Services in Dodge, Douglas, and Washington Counties. These teams provide immediate mental health crisis counseling services to those in need in the community. The Mobile Crisis Response Teams are called upon by law enforcement to assist with risk assessment, provide crisis intervention, crisis stabilization and refer consumers to community mental health resources. The goal of this program is to avoid the need for an Emergency Protective Custody hold or inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.