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The Professional Partner Program (PPP) provides voluntary Family-Centered case management services based in the wraparound model for severely emotionally disturbed children (birth to 21) and their families to achieve goals of stability, functioning and community integration. The length of the program is dependent on the needs of the family and typically averages 9 months. The overall goal of the program is to assist families in finding ways to address the needs of their children within the home environment, utilize natural supports and community resources, and develop strength-based strategies. Referrals to the program may come from schools, hospitals, community agencies, or the families themselves.

There are three additional specialized programs within the Professional Partner program, one addressing youth that are identified within the Omaha Public Schools (SAFE), one serving youth transitioning to young adulthood (Transitional Youth), and one serving families in immediate crisis (Rapid Response).

The School and Family Enrichment Program (SAFE) is a collaborative effort among Omaha Public Schools, Child Saving Institute and Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare. This voluntary program provides, at no cost to the family, a SAFE Specialist who serves as a supportive link between the school, the family, and needed community resources. The only difference between the SAFE program and the Professional Partner Program is that referrals come from elementary schools in the Omaha Public School District.

The Rapid Response Program provides short term (90 days) Family-Centered case management services for severely emotionally disturbed youth (age 19 years and under). Referrals come directly through the County Attorneys’ offices. Families referred to this program are in immediate crisis and the goal is to stabilize and connect them to resources in the community in order to prevent the need for Juvenile Court involvement.

The Transitional Youth Program provides Family-Centered case management services for severely emotionally disturbed young adults ages 17-25. The focus is to help young adults achieve independence and promote their successful transition into the community.

How It Works

Each family enrolled in the program is assigned a Professional Partner who is familiar with community resources and experienced in working with youth and their families. In partnership with the family, the Professional Partner assists with the development of an Individualized Family Service Plan. This plan may include transitional mental health services, community resources, and most importantly, people who can provide natural supports to the family such as friends, extended family, and community supports.

Program Participants

  • Parents who may feel hopeless and are not sure where to turn for help.
  • Parents who have tried to find help but were unable to find services they could afford.
  • Youth who may be at risk of being suspended from school or being removed from their home.
  • Parents who wish to have an active part in developing a plan to address the needs of their child and their family.

For More Information:

For more information, contact the Professional Partner Intake Coordinator at 402-996-8377.