About Us

What We Do

Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare has the responsibility to plan, develop, and maintain a network of behavioral health providers that it contracts with to provide services. Some of the responsibilities in the network development role are to:

  • Determine standards for network providers.
  • Monitor provider enrollment.
  • Develop annual regional plan of expenditures.
  • Contract with and provide technical assistance to community providers.
  • In addition to the Network services, Region 6 provides case management services through the Professional Partner Program, working with youth who have diagnosed mental health needs and are at risk for out of home placement.

Program Development and Management

Region 6 will:

  • Assess the current service delivery and identify gaps.
  • Plan to ensure a balanced, integrated service system.
  • Develop strategies to effectively meet needs, fill gaps, overcome barriers and determine effective use of resources.
  • Coordinate services for youth, prevention and the emergency system.

Evaluation and Quality Management

We believe in providing funds to services that can show quality care. Several of our quality management roles are as follows:

  • Ensure the effective utilization of resources.
  • Ensure quality services and improvements as necessary.
  • Track outcomes and performance standards in our network providers.

Fiscal Management and Accountability

Our fiscal management and accountability functions are to:

  • Maintain accountability for the public funds it administers.
  • Monitor contracts.
  • Conduct annual fiscal and programmatic reviews of contract providers.
  • Serve as a fiscal agent for related grants.

Advocate for Consumers and Their Families

In the hopes of improving services we constantly:

  • Advocate for children, adults and families who experience behavioral health problems.
  • Advocate for system improvements.