May 21, 22 & 23, 2019

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare
4715 S 132nd St
Omaha, NE 68137

The WRAP Refresher workshop is appropriate for anyone who is a WRAP® Facilitator and is leading Mental Health Recovery and WRAP® groups, working with others to develop their own WRAP® and/or giving presentations on mental health recovery related issues to groups or organizations.  The WRAP Refresher is an interactive course co-facilitated by Copeland Center Advanced Level Facilitators to sharpen and expand facilitation skills to further engage groups in the WRAP Planning.

It is recommended that WRAP Facilitators attend a Refresher Course at least once every two year in order to stay up to date on developments and best practices.

Through attendance in this course WRAP Facilitators will:

  • Recognize expanded options on how to give effective group introductions.
  • Identify additional knowledge areas, values and ethics of WRAP.
  • Apply at least one new skill to sharpen and expand group facilitation skills.
  • Develop new and creative approaches to facilitation to accommodate participant challenges and differing group needs.

There are no costs to participants for attendance. Lunch will be provided each day of the training.  However, you will need to bring your own Facilitator Manual to the training. Travel, lodging, and other expenses will not be covered.

To be considered for the training, you will need to:

  • Have completed WRAP® Facilitator Training and be able to produce a certificate.
  • Have completed your own WRAP® and have a solid working knowledge of WRAP® and each part of the plan.
  • Be able to accept the requirements for WRAP® Facilitators set out by the Copeland Center.
  • Be available to attend the full three day workshop.
  • Agree to uphold the values and ethics as outlined in their facilitator manual.
  • Be able to dedicate additional time in the amount of:
    • Two to four hours of reading and reflecting prior to attending the program.
    • Up to one hour of reading, reflecting, and preparing, each evening of the class (Tuesday and Wednesday).

No later than May 7th - Decisions will be made by no later than May 10, 2019.

To Enroll:
Please complete and return the WRAP Facilitator Training Application and return to the Consumer Specialist at consumeraffairs@regionsix.com

Consumer Affairs consumeraffairs@regionsix.com
Physical: 4715 South 132nd Street, Omaha, NE 68137
Fax: 402 444 7722
Phone: (402) 490-2700

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